HR Hub

One-stop portal for all your employees

Give your employees access to all the information and tools they need in one place.

All In One

One direct channel, one platform.

  • Access to all Benefits, Wellness, Learning and Development content in one place.
  • Employees can stay up-to-date with all communications, events and engagement initiatives.
  • Manage it all in one place in an easy to use CMS.
  • Integrate with other tools your team or employees are already using with a Single Sign-on.

Personalized Experience

Speak to your employees as individuals.

  • Curate Benefits, Wellness, Learning and Development content to specific groups, locations and individuals.
  • Keep your employees on-track and engaged with targeted communications and content that matter to them.
  • Make it your own. Look and feel consistent with your brand and other internal and external communications.
  • We offer a different level of employee segmentation and personalization to match your needs.

Easy to Use

User-friendly navigation and easy access to content.

  • All the functions and features that are important to your employees and your team, leaving out the noise.
  • Quick access to accurate information, tools and resources, thanks to our seamless user experience.
  • Our intuitive Control Center makes the Portal easy to maintain. Finally no need for technical experience!

Effective Reach

Connect and engage with all your employees, no matter where they are.

  • Improve the way you reach out and communicate with your employees across different locations, and around the world.
  • Maintain one channel for direct, consistent and clear communication.
  • Deliver global or localized content in over 70 languages. Send country or group specific notifications.
  • Engage employees across locations with challenges, events, classes, news, workshops and more.

Actionable Analytics

Deep actionable analytics to track participation and engagement.

  • Top-down and bottom-up metrics and reports.
  • KPI and utilization analytics.
  • Engagement per group and/or segment.
  • See the type of content, tools and resources that matter the most to your employees.

Getting started is easy!

No software to install, no lengthy or painful implementations.

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