Why Flip?

Organizations use different tools to share information regarding their benefits and programs with their employees.

But, accessing these tools and staying up-to-date, can be confusing and time-consuming, often resulting in:

  • Low open rates
  • Low engagement rates
  • Higher support call volume
  • Missed deadlines
  • Lost productive time

Streamlined Internal Communications

  • Consistent and direct channel to your employees.
  • Employees feel engaged, informed and up-to-date.
  • Your organization’s branding, tone, look & feel.
  • Personalize content by employee group, location and more. 
  • Increase engagement and open rates.
  • Push and pull communications.

Solutions made for you

Personalized Experience

Personalize your internal communications to drive a deeper connection with your employees. Curate content for specific employee groups, benefits and locations.


Give your employees easy access to real-time information. All the resources they need in one place to facilitate decision making and increase engagement.


User-friendly experience and seamless navigation across different devices and platforms. Make it easy for your employees to find the information they need.

Ongoing Support

Training and support for your team and vendor partners. We’ll ensure the platform stays up-to-date, and the necessary upgrades are performed as needed.

Effective Reach

Engage your remote workforce with effective internal communications. Reach distributed teams across locations and around the world, in their local language.

Easy to Use

Our Control Center was designed to provide an intuitive experience. A user management system your team can use without any need for technical experience.